8. What Are Key Factors to Successful Interdisciplinary Collaboration?

  • Identify campus leaders to drive the projects
  • Work with faculty who have an interest in interdisciplinary work
  • Search out “covert boundary crossers”
  • Access existing interdisciplinary programs
  • Create easy alternatives for faculty to explore arts-integrated learning
Lessons Learned: Montclair State University

The primary partnership with the Research Academy for University Learning (RAUL) was extremely important in terms of curricular and pedagogical expertise and for shepherding development of the structure of the course during the development process.

  • Having a high-level partner in a Vice Provost and Director of RAUL helped gain the attention and support of upper-level administration, increasing the prestige of the project and raising awareness across campus.
  •  High-level administrative support is essential, especially when a project involves navigating curricular procedures and allocating faculty teaching time. Support by the Provost’s Office in particular not only helped to expedite the administrative steps but also reinforced the validity of the project to the campus community

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Lessons Learned: California State University, Long Beach (CSULB)

Organizers of the project report – The name, The B-Word Project, worked. It begged the follow-up question, “What is that?” and later, became easy shorthand for those events. Students on campus have been overheard saying, “That’s a B-Word thing.” The name sounded edgy and seemed to resonate with CSULB students.

As a mechanism to make the campus aware of the Carpenter Center, the B-Word Project’s colorful, provocative banners placed throughout campus worked. On such a large campus, to be able to mention the B-Word Project anywhere and have everyone nod their heads in recognition is an almost un-heard-of feat. Of course, every sword has two edges. Some of our Steering Committee faculty members heard complaints from their department colleagues about “your” banners being inappropriate or too provocative. This was one of the first signs that we were doing something right with our censorship initiative!

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The B-Word Project and Censorship

Peace Press Graphics Exhibition:
CSULB Posters

Peace Press Survey:
CSULB Survey

Annual Comparative Literature Conference:
CSULB Annual Comparative Literature Conference

Bill T. Jones in Rehearsal:
CSULB Bill T. Jones in Rehearsal

Pre and Post Class Survey:
CSULB Pre and Post Class Survey

Sustainability A Continuum of Integration noting activities at the Carpenter Performing Arts Center (CPAC):
CSULB Sustainability

Lessons Learned: Wesleyan University

Summary report on Creative Campus website highlighting project administration, pedagogical models and artist integration into teaching.

Summary report on Creative Campus website highlighting project administration, pedagogical models and artist integration into teaching.

Wesleyan Creative Campus Initiative overview:
Wesleyan Creative Campus Initiative Overview

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