Success Factors

To encourage inquiry and investigation of the Creative Campus initiative, we invite administrators, faculty members, campus presenters, students, artists and community groups to navigate through exemplary videos and reports on the 14 projects using the Success Factor Q&A format.

Each of the 12 Success Factor questions posed are designed to help visitors explore the main issues and demonstration projects around the key WHY and HOW questions which thought leaders are most likely to consider before initiating their own Creative Campus projects.

We invite you to use the Success Factor question frames to examine key learnings and view examples of successful Creative Campus approaches. You can navigate through the material from your personal vantage point (faculty member, administrator, student, artist or community partner) or through interest in transformative ideas: Teaching Creativity, Interdisciplinary Exchange, Civic Dialogue, Student Satisfaction, Community Engagement and Campus Enchantment; and by specific disciplines: Science and Music or Writing and Theater.

Using our Q&A approach, we hope you will gain the knowledge you need to imagine a Creative Campus collaboration and we welcome your comments and questions about the materials.

  1. Why should creativity be at the heart of a university education?
  2. What is the basis for arts-based interdisciplinary inquiry?
  3. Why should educators take an interdisciplinary approach?
  4. How can the arts encourage rich dialogue and problem solving?
  5. What types of interdisciplinary collaborative approaches build creative “muscle” and produce the best results?
  6. How can campus presenters drive civic dialog and problem solving?
  7. What is sustainable from an interdisciplinary approach?
  8. What are key factors to successful interdisciplinary collaboration?
  9. How can campus’ arts assets be leveraged to enrich learning and improve student satisfaction?
  10. How can artists make a difference?
  11. What materials/resources exist to learn more about Creative Campus initiatives?
  12. What are some of the most promising/high impact approaches campus presenters have used to create and sustain interdisciplinary efforts?