Make the Case

Arts driven collaborations on campus can deepen learning, spur innovation, build community, foster student engagement and – in the words of sociologist George Ritzer – “enchant the everyday life of the campus.”

University leaders face pressures – escalating costs, competition for student, online education, rankings, decline in federal funding, student attrition and malaise, and accountability movements.  The arts are an under utilized asset that can be deployed to help universities address these pressing needs –The arts are a relatively inexpensive, high leverage, universal asset that can improve recruitment and retention and demonstrate the unique value of a 21st century education organized around face-to-face collaborative discovery.

Every Creative Campus initiative begins with a leader dedicated to forging connections across campus and community; seeding and fertilizing innovative cross disciplinary projects to make their institutions larger than the sum of their parts.

We have created a rich media presentation with research, examples and background information to help you discuss the opportunities and strategies for a transformative Creative Campus project.

Are you ready to start your creative campus?